The Executrix – Marc Aubin


A dead body is discovered on a beach in a small Québec town one morning.  A note left with the mutilated victim—a man himself recently acquitted in a controversial homicide trial—suggests his killer is a woman with vengeful motives. Before long, a second slain body is found, and then another. The string of grisly murders leaves Inspector Jacques Fournier scratching his head. Who is the woman behind the killing rampage? What is driving her sadistic instincts, her quest for vengeance? Together with his colleague Annabelle Saint-Jean, Fournier undertakes everything in his power to tackle this challenging case. The killer, for her part, mocks the police, as they scramble to solve the mystery. The investigation takes them on a bizarre journey into the S&M underworld. Doggedly tracking a new lead one moment, breaking into a wild police chase the next, Fournier leaves no stone unturned as he struggles to unmask and capture the elusive killer queen. But will he succeed?

After earning a degree in neurobiology from McGill University, Marc Aubin embarked on a business career, establishing a string of companies in the medical field. Eager to share his passions for money matters, poker and fine wines with a wider audience, he began writing a blog in 2008. The joys of daily writing soon inspired him to set out on his next great venture: authoring a book. Many hours of hard work later, he is proud to be able to present his very first novel.

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Marc Aubin


Diplômé de l’Université McGill en neurobiologie, Marc Aubin se lance très tôt en affaires et fonde plusieurs entreprises dans le domaine médical. Passionné par la finance, le poker et le bon vin, il entreprend, en 2008, la rédaction d’un blogue afin de partager ses centres d’intérêt. Il prend goût à cet exercice d’écriture quotidienne et c’est alors qu’il entame un nouveau projet de vie : écrire un livre. Après y avoir travaillé longuement, il nous présente aujourd’hui son tout premier roman.


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