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On the way in – Pauline Lapointe-Chiragh

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Committed by the power of the written words, Pauline Lapointe-Chiragh shares with us remembrances of her childhood while in Lac-Saint-Jean followed by accounts leading her to reach Toronto where valued encounters gave her the means to outdo herself.  All along her journey -, reaching the Orient among other places -, the author unveils how she conquered liberty and autonomy to find her real vocation.  Reaching in her night dreams she opens more intimately to the readers. It’s an offer to cross over a doorstep into a friendly and touching state.  It’s a book full of love for her past-away husband Yousaf, her children and grandchildren, for small material appeals like feminine coquetry, and mostly of spiritual well-being, in line with psychanalyst Carl Jung’s theories. The eyesight upon the wide world fills her soul. This book is generous, like all good books should.

Founder of the Luminergie Training Centre and holder of a doctorate in naturopathy, Pauline Lapointe-Chiragh has given courses and lectures across Quebec for over twenty years. She is now retired and travels the world, fascinated as always by alternative medicine.




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